Friday, May 16, 2014

  Cyclone Tamara hits Serbia,  Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Croatia

Dear friends,

My comeback was not supposed to be like this. I was planning DIY,  paint projects, interesting photos, good recipes, but instead I start with this.

I cannot be carefree and talk about all these lovely things, when my country has been hit with such a disaster. Cyclone Tamara has done something that hasn't been seen or expected in Serbia.

Serbia is not the only country that has been affected. Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia are also in critical condition.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Government announced state of emergency and both army and civilians are fighting against this disaster.

More than 7000 people have been evacuated.

  Almost 1000 objects have been flooded.


There have been five victims so far, and one of them was a brave firefighter who lost his life on duty.

Our prayers go to these people and their families, and men and women who are helping on the field. In face of disaster we stand united, and we thank everybody for help and support!

Sunday, February 3, 2013


I've never made this cake before. I was going through some recipes on the internet and I ended up creating my version of chocolate mud cake.

two cups of flour,
150 g of cocoa,
250g of butter,
a spoon of baking powder,
3 eggs,
200 g of dark chocolate,
100 g of milk chocolate,
one cup of milk,
one cup of sugar,
a cup of water

I mixed all the dry ingredients first (so, two cups of flower, 150 g of cocoa, one cup of sugar and a spoon of baking powder). In the separate bowl, I put half cup of milk, 250 g of butter, 150g of melted chocolate (I melted it on steam), 3 eggs and a half cup of water. I mixed it all well and than I added it to the dry ingredients. Then I mixed it all together. I greased a pan with a little butter and I poured in the prepared mass. Now, don't fill the pan because the mass will grow during the baking. I baked it on 200 degrees C for about 20 min. Now, all ovens are different, (also, many of you have Fahrenheits instead of Centigrades on your stoves, so I guess 350F is appropriate here, but check the mass every 5 minutes). 
When I think it's done, I check it with a toothpick.

When you take it out, you definitely have to put something creamy and chocolate over it. :-)

Now, I mixed 50g of dark chocolate,  100 g of milk chocolate, two spoons of cocoa, two spoons of milk, three spoons of sugar, and half a spoon of butter. I heated it all, mixed it all well, and covered the cake. Do it fast, because you don't want it to cool down before you spread it all over.
And that's it! Oh, yes, cool it down. If you can, leave it in the fridge during the night. Somehow it tastes better.

Bon appetit!
Hugs :-)