Monday, January 28, 2013


It's not February 14, I know. :-) However, It's never early for romance. Love should be celebrated every day. It sounds corny, but it's not less true because of it.

And the celebration of love shouldn't include only the romantic love between life partners. Our possibility to love, and the very experience of somebody else loving us, are completely and utterly amazing gifts. I guess we take that for granted.
As the great Morrie Schwartz said, quoting the great W.H.Auden: ''We most love each other or perish''.
I know this is the era of internet. I know that an E-mail is so easy to write, and it comes with the same easiness to the receiver (it takes an itsy, bitsy 'click'). However, writing a letter with your hand is very personal. It shows that you devoted a certain time to that act. Beloved person can cherish it. Literally.

The virtual world is amazing, but the charm of life cannot be replaced... Find it. Find it for you and your beloved ones. :-) 

What about sending a love letter like this one? Actually, it would be a letter of love. Because you can give it to anybody you love. 

I also like this one, with yellow roses. I don't agree that yellow flowers are a symbol of jealousy. It stands for love and friendship. I don't approve bad mouthing of flowers. :-)

How about including some poetry? I found this little book years ago. It's called ''For You, the Hundred Most Beautiful Love Poems of the World''.

This is from ''The Divine Comedy'' or Divina Commedia, by Dante Alighieri. You see here the version in Serbian language. I love poetry. 

You can surprise somebody with a gift. It doesn't have to be expensive. If you make a present, you can't go wrong . It can be the tiniest thing in the world, it doesn't matter. You are not giving a material present, really. You are giving something that will be a little reminder of you.

Or you can prepare a meal for you and your beloved ones. You can nourish them with both, some great food and your presence. :-)

Just love each other. No one can show your emotions instead of you. And no one can be a better version of yourself than you. :-)


Friday, January 25, 2013



2 cups of flour,
2 eggs,
3 cups of milk,
two spoons of sugar,
a pinch of salt,
some cooking oil (one third of a cup for the mixture and the pan)

Grease the surface of the pan with oil, and then the rest of it mix in with all the other ingredients. Just put it all in a big bawl and stir with a spoon. 
When you finish with stirring, take a ladle, scoop the mass and add it to a preheated frying pan. Fry until it gets nice color as on the picture below.


 Aren't they lovely? :-) Now, put some marmalade, or some cream on top.


When you add the topping, you should roll them, like in the picture above. I know that in the picture from the pancakery, they look different. That's just specific for that pancakery. :-) Their pancakes are huge, so they do not roll them, but 'pack' them up in a specific way. Traditionally, they should be rolled either like this, or 'packed' in a triangle.


Bon appetit! :-)

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I'M BACK :-)

Yes, I was absent for a long time. This was a period full of celebrations, slavas, birthdays... Christmas was wonderful. We celebrate ours on January 7 (Othodox Christmas), then there was the Orthodox New Year (we celebrate New Year twice :-), and, also, I was working on all sorts of things.

A few days ago, my Love and I had a day just for ourselves, and we decided to go for a walk. After some time, we started craving for something sweet and I knew just the place. 

In Kragujevac, there is this place called ''Peron''. It means ''Platform'' in English (I know,  it sounds more romantic in  Serbian). Anyway, it is a work of art. A very romantic place which possesses that  shabby charm we all love so much. It takes you on a wonderful voyage to the past. And you want to go, in this town's personal time machine.

The owner placed two wagons on several rails that he brought to the town's square. You see on this picture that he even put gravel on the rails. Isn't it great? :-) And the closed wagon is expanded on the left side, but unfortunately I didn't take photos of that part. Well, there's always next time, right? :-)


The sign says ''Pancakery"

This wagon was added long after the first one, and since it's open, people sit here in the summer.

That's my sweetie, in his lumberjack style. :-) I love that smile. The atmosphere was wonderful. It was cozy and warm, and there were sweet aromas in the air. As you can all see, they decided to put a shabby suitcase above each desk, on this iron mesh... thingy... A brilliant idea, if you ask me. :-) The Christmas decorations are still there, and I love that. The whole town is still in the Christmas mood!


I barely sat down, when my man took a photo of me. It's a bit blurry. There are even more blurry pictures here, sorry about that. This hat is one of my favorites, and I made it. Well, I added the beads, to be more exact. It was plain red hat, and I made it more fun.


And these are our pancakes. We call them palańćinke (palachinkas) These are with cream and ground cookies called ''Plazma". When I prepare them at home, I sometimes add bananas, or put some marmalade. But mostly it's light chocolate and vanilla cream... My favorite cream is ''Eurocrem''! It's one of the best Serbian brands.

I'll add the recipe for the pancakes in my next post. :-)

This pretty wreath was next to us, and you can all see the look from the window. Sorry about the picture quality. I kinda like it smudged like this.

There are some pretty lights, and old photos on the wall. Outside, you can see the sign of the hotel ''Kragujevac".

 These are the empty seats next to us.

Now, this picture is like penicillin. A mistake that ended with: "Eureka"! These are two giant trees decorated with lights, and as I was trying to take a photo, I couldn't stop shaking because I was laughing so hard. I keep staring at it and admiring. Just like in real life, when you do something and you think: "Oh, God, that was totally wrong. A genuine stupidity." And it turns out perfectly. It shows us the side of life that turns out to be the beauty that was hidden and misjudged all along. That's one of the beautiful things about living. I think God has a wonderful sense of humor. Among other things... :-)

Hugs to you all! :-)