Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My little project

I was going through some stuff in my dad’s workshop. Sniffing, actually. Just kidding. I was looking for some tape when I came across this old woven basket. It was hidden there, all dusty and forgotten. So, my maniacal obsession took over. I painted it. I did not want to use spray paint, because I wanted to keep that shabby impression, so not all nooks and crevices are painted over, but I think I’ve freshened it up. I don’t know yet what I’ll use it for, but I think it will find its place and purpose. Maybe as a flower pot, or something… We’ll see.

After restoring the closet, the bed was next on the agenda. Looking at it was a scary experience, because of all the cracks on it that had to be filled in and sanded (so sanding, all over again). Everyone who did restorations knows that sanding is the most tiring process of it all. Especially if you’re ‘old’ school – scrub on, scrub off. Seriously, you spend a lot of sand paper. However, when you see the result after all your moaning, panting and swearing, it’s awesome. And a good therapy, too. Because of all the swearing. :-) So, it took us eight days to finish the bed. We were not lazy. It was 40 degrees outside (we measure it in Celsius, that is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit) and we were dying. The smell of paint would just intensify the ‘enjoyment’ so we did everything at a slower pace.

This is what we ended up with.

There is this 'paw' again. The same as one on the closet.

I've finished ironing and was in the middle of vacuuming, when I decided to take these pictures. Unfortunately, I did not take the ‘before’ pictures, but you can get the idea what the bed looked like if you see the ‘before’ pictures of the closet door.

So, this is me, trying to bring some order into my life. Not an easy task. I don't have a slightest idea how this thing started. As a young girl I was not into style or decorating. Things that I was into were mostly English language, literature and sport. This whole thing started a few years ago. My family (that is my mom, dad, my love and I, of course :-)) share our life in a house that is built by my parents. We live in a beautiful countryside in the heart of our country - Serbia. You may or may not have heard of it and if you have you know that this country, along with its neighbors, had a lot of of harsh and difficult times. But I am positive. I hope for better times.
Anyway, (such a serious beginning :-)), my love and I have a lot of work around the house and especially inside of it.
Now, we basically live at two places, in our little apartment in the city of Kragujevac and in this bonnier-to-be house which is actually my parents' house. There are few stores in our little town but if we plan on some serious shopping we have to go to the city. For example - paint. Finding a paint here is like finding the treasure of Sierra Madre. I knew nothing about painting furniture. I never took a brush in my hands. Apart from the one I used to paint a picture... Put it on the wall... Never really. 
We have some old furniture that belonged to my grand-mama and I believed that it was oak furniture but actually it is made from nut wood (or hickory?). It is really a heavy, full-wood furniture that insects like termites or wood worms wouldn't dare to bite. 
My love and I had to buy furniture for our room. And I was surfing over the internet when I found some photos of beautiful white furniture, painted by the owner. I searched more and more and found  a bunch of these photos and blogs about how to paint furniture and decorate your room or whole house. I was blow minded when I saw the blog My Romantic Home. The woman who created it is a genius for design. And I love that white color is dominant at her home. I did not like white furniture before. Now I do. So, on youtube I saw some painting processes on pinksofoxy channel (she's great) and many others, and I decided not to throw out the old furniture (how dared I!). That is how I started this mission... renovating... job... thingy.

I will show you the door from the old closet that I already started to work on when I decided to take a picture.

This is the closet now after sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding, SANDING... and painting :-)

I like this paw-like ornament that holds the closet.

I love this door nub.  It is a carved rose, so its also wooden. And the color is dusty sand.

Here it is in all its glory. :-)