Saturday, September 15, 2012

Big project is done

You remember the cabinet, that was next on the agenda for the big makeover?

Well, it's done. The work is finished. It's over. The end... Actually not quite. The door nubs cannot be attached to it just yet. The screws are too short (hmhm) and I have to find the longer ones.

I haven't showed you before, but there are two glass plates(?) for this empty space in the middle of the cabinet. This is one.

But, I didn't want to leave them see through, so I found some white paint (the one you use to paint the plain paper) and created this wavy impression.

This is the whole thing.

 And finally, today I had some time to decorate it. This is just temporarily. But I had to do something.

 The painting was a present from a student when I was a teacher at elementary school. It's very dear to me.

 Well guys, that's it for today. If you have some extra time go visit


You'll love it there.

Until my next post...

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My little cherubs
So, I was passing by this thrift store, near the bus station, when I noticed cute little cherubs. Now, I really liked these, but when I came into the store, I had to find two that didn't look creepy. Now, that's an interesting thing - me thinking that cherubs look creepy. But it's true. Sometimes they darken their eyes too much, and there you get sweet angelic children with weird black eyes. I used to shudder as a child when I would see cherubs like this. I got these two, normal looking :-) with books. I placed them on my headboard to take a picture, but they can't stand there because they could easily fall and break. I placed them so it looks like one of them is reading to the other one who is listening, but is a bit distracted. Kinda like me, when I switch off from reality and drift into my world. People close to me don't like that. Nah, sweet flaws of human nature. :-) 

Cherubs cost only about 2 € each, so I think that's a good bargain.

I plan on putting them on nightstands in our bedroom, (but I have to paint the nightstands first). 

Until the next post...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My little project (3)

My grandma bought this wooden peafowl a long time ago. I thought it would look nice as white, but then I decided that I don't want it in 'clean' white. With these little cracks in color, it really becomes  a shabby chic ornament.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My little project (2)

This was my mothers first needlepoint. She was very young when she did it and it has a sentimental value. However, over the years the frame, that is made out of wood and strings, became rather shabby, but not in a good way. The discoloration on the lower part of the frame (I already painted it over) was drastic. It looked dirty, not discolored. So, a common brush, white paint and some patience (ten minutes of it, to be more precise), recovered its charm.

My next big project

This piece of furniture also goes to our bedroom. Same old wood, but wait ‘till I get my hands on it. Also, there was an old wooden frame with a mirror that was attached to it in the back, but I removed it because the mirror had tiny cracks, and it actually started to ‘melt down’ so we all looked, both, funny and creepy. We’ll see how it’s gonna turn out.