Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My little cherubs
So, I was passing by this thrift store, near the bus station, when I noticed cute little cherubs. Now, I really liked these, but when I came into the store, I had to find two that didn't look creepy. Now, that's an interesting thing - me thinking that cherubs look creepy. But it's true. Sometimes they darken their eyes too much, and there you get sweet angelic children with weird black eyes. I used to shudder as a child when I would see cherubs like this. I got these two, normal looking :-) with books. I placed them on my headboard to take a picture, but they can't stand there because they could easily fall and break. I placed them so it looks like one of them is reading to the other one who is listening, but is a bit distracted. Kinda like me, when I switch off from reality and drift into my world. People close to me don't like that. Nah, sweet flaws of human nature. :-) 

Cherubs cost only about 2 € each, so I think that's a good bargain.

I plan on putting them on nightstands in our bedroom, (but I have to paint the nightstands first). 

Until the next post...

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