Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn is here

I like the change of colors, the nature in its new suit. It's still warm but you can feel the touch of coldness late in the evening. We cannot sit outside for a long time like in the hot summer nights. We sit on the porch and somebody always cries: "It's freezing! I can't feel my legs" like its -10 degrees Celsius. :-) It's not that bad... We don't celebrate Halloween in Serbia but that doesn't stop us from practicing it. It includes an excellent company, drinks, costumes, horror movies and pop corns. Since I studied English language and literature, my friends from college and I are familiar with American and British culture. And we like it. So we celebrate Valentine and Halloween. We chose the best. Christmas is a different story. We celebrate ours on the 7th of January and it is my favourite holiday.

I thought, now it's the right time to start enjoying the hot tea.

The summer is (almost) gone and the cold tea will just have to wait for several months. I don't mind. I'll enjoy in the autumn trees, smell of the earth and rain. It is time for my rubber boots. :-)


  1. I love your little tea tray! And the teacup is just lovely.

  2. Beautiful little spot of tea!