Thursday, October 4, 2012

The project of one fine summer day

For a while I've been doing everything except painting furniture. I found out that I enjoy jewelry making, so that will be another thing to focus on. And also, a number of people I know and love have been celebrating their birthdays these couple months. It was very fun and enjoyable but left less time for my hobbies. One morning, two or three weeks ago, I woke up very early. It was half past seven and the weather was really promising. Morning rituals which include tea and coffee (depending on everybody's taste), going to the bakery and preparing breakfast seemed very pleasurable. And finally I had some time to do some paint work.

This was waiting for me in dad's workshop, and my family helped me to take it outside. This cabinet is 45 years old and it needed serious makeover. I was so excited about all the work and very keen on finishing it properly. Everything was done in a day. :-) I started about 9:30 am and at 6 pm it was done.

Most of my time went on deciding how to decorate it with that "special something" because I didn't want to leave it plain. I  drew a couple of ornaments and finally decided what I like.

I hand painted this, and I made some curves that may seem asymmetrical but I did it on purpose. I wanted it to look more wavy and to give it a 'homemade' charm.

I tied this little bow, too. I think it's a nice touch.

Awhhhh. The smell of a finished work...

See you soon!

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