Monday, November 5, 2012

Our Annual Celebration

When it comes to religion, Serbs are, like Greeks, Orthodox Christians. We celebrate Christmas and Easter, like Catholics, but on different dates. There are, of course, cultural differences, and some other religious practices that are quite different.  When you are an Orthodox Christian you celebrate Slava. What happens is that your family celebrates the name and life of a particular saint who is the protector of your family and home (a Patron Saint). Every year on the 27th  of October (Gregorian Calender), we celebrate our Slava, Saint Petka.

Saint Petka

We organize a party and our relatives and friends visit us. Normally, you don't have to call people to your Slava because they mark the date in their Calendar and they are set for that day. They don't make other plans. Of course when people come to your Slava for the first time, you have to invite them. Later on, they know when they have to come. Now, the young people don't go with all the rules, because people live very fast these days. And I do have to remind my friends when they have to come. Older people know. Young keep forgetting (that's an irony), so I remind them two weeks earlier. :-) 

My Ivana (I call her mine because of our friendship that is one of the most significant things in my life) gave me a beautiful present that belonged to her family. It's a heart shaped Sara Key wall ornament and I love it! She supports me in this shabby style home decorating, and her present is perfect  for my bedroom. I LOVE IT!

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  1. I enjoyed hearing about your holidays. I am glad you joined me at Home Sweet Home!

    1. Thank you, Sherry! And I am glad to be a part of Home Sweet Home!