Friday, November 16, 2012

There is a saying: "A person is lucky if he/she can find one true friend." I was very lucky in this area. Maybe, the better choice of words is I was blessed. Ana and Ivana, my dearest friends in the world, became a part of my family a long time ago. I do not think that anyone else is understandable when it comes to my utopian weirdness.

Anna, one of the most significant people in my life, came to my Slava also, with love of her life Milos.

They also had in mind that I started with shabby decoration from Milan's and my bedroom. So, my Ana and Milos brought us this beautiful vase. It is so unusual and I LOVE IT.


  1. Oh,what a beautiful vase that Anna of yours brought you!She truly has an extraordinary taste!:D